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You Get What You Give!

You Get What You Give!

Today I want to encourage you to realize we all have something to GIVE! Sometimes we may look at giving as something that depletes us, but in actuality it ADDS to us!  You maybe saying, "Talein what in the world are you talking about!" If I am giving them it is gone. But we always have to look at it as a deposit on what we want in the future. When I think about how much time I sow into others and it may seem like I don't have everything I think I should deserve. It could be the time may not be right. I am just going to keep doing what I have been doing because, I know my day will come. That is the posture of thinking we should have always. It will come back. So that brings me to my other point. What did you deposit? It could be a positive thing you deposit or give or a negative. Just remember ...IT WILL COME BACK!

So that is why I say "You Get What You Give"!

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