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The KINGLY Mindset: By Talein

The KINGLY Mindset

Scripture foundation for today's DLS Moment 

Ephesians 5:23

For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body.

In honor of my KING and to inspire other Queens to Esteem your Man I created this!

The blog is inspired by my husbands recent campaign "Bringing the Men Back". When we begin to realize that there is an all out assault on all of our men, then we will understand as women how to do our part in helping to restore our men back to their rightful places and be the Queens we should be.  God has ordained the man as the HEAD of the family, the provider, protector, and priests of their homes. What is our part in all of this? Where do we fit in? How can we make a difference? This is a challenge that we must be willing to accept. Do we really want our men in place? I hear women complain all the time and yes some complaints are valid and others are not.  We as Queens have power to help bring things back in balance as we do our part.  We as women have to encourage them and esteem them.  As I listened to the messages inspired by God through John, I noticed a common thread...RESPECT!  Yes, Aretha Franklin says it best RESPECT find out what it means to me, take care TCB awwoohhhh just a little bit! Heyyyyy, yes Re-Re was on to something. We have to take care of our KING'S.  

Let's not be enablers.  Make excuses for them or act like we don't see there is a problem.  Yes, there are times when they do not breed the characteristics of a KING. Society has beat them down to the point they have been committing genocide amongst themselves.  Trust me, if we are not in our rightful place it compounds what they are already having to deal with.   I watch the news and hear how crimes being committed are on the rise, which causes our men to be incarcerated, fathering children and not being responsible to raise them daily, killing each other, and acting out very violently.  I know the spirit of oppression and the reality that their our still prejudices they face are very real.  The vicious cycle of abandonment and abuse on all levels are staggering and when do we say enough is enough. This causes a ripple effect in our communities, homes, families, careers, and ultimately the society as a whole.  When men are whole and esteemed they can accomplish anything.   We have to start believing in them.  If we don't, who will?  Talking about them is not solving anything. It creates a divide and a wall of blame that prevents us from standing together.  As I sat and reflected asking God, what can I do differently to help in the campaign as a woman.  

These are the thing that I want us to consider ladies:

1. Watching what we release from our lips and what are we saying to our men that helps to edify him!

2. Remember the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.  Esteem your sons at an early age. Don't allow the media, the streets, or their peers to raise them.

3. Find ways to embrace the differences between a man and a woman. Find common ground and build on the strengths. Where he is weak you are strong and vice versa.

4. The Art of Reason: When they are out-of-order, pray for them and reason with them where possible. No, they will not be perfect and they may fall short. But love covers a multitude of sins. No don't cover up the wrong, but cover them in prayer! Hallelujah...I had to shout on that one.

5. Realize you can't change the DNA of a man, but you can help to build him up. Learn how to esteem him! 

Watch this powerful clip that gave me today's inspiration for the DLS Moment. Join the campaign "Bringing Back Our Men" with Apostle John and myself. Thanks Apostle John F. Harris for being a voice, shouting that we have a systemic issue that needs our full attention!

Morning Glory International Call to Prayer Revival & Awakening M-F @ 5:30 am

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