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Recap of "Forgiveness to Freedom...Oh the Power"!

John and Talein Harris help uncover the hidden un-forgiveness in our hearts so we can walk in total healing and forgiveness. Experience the powerful testimonies, how-to-forgive steps towards healing, and the encouragement that everyone can learn how to successfully walk in FORGIVENESS!
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The Needs a Man are very different from ours ladies. We sometimes find ourselves blurring the lines and then getting frustrated, because we are deflecting our needs off on the man. Yes, at the end of the day both needs have to be met to create the balance and harmony of a healthy relationship.
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Forgiveness to Freedom, Oh the Power! By Talein

When I think about the power of FORGIVENESS it is amazing to me why it is such a struggle to do it! But I am sure I am not the only one who has struggled with this. When I think about the list of things that can prevent me from getting into Heaven...
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When TRUTH shows up! by Talein

So often we as a people reject knowledge and truth. Why are we so fixed on wrong and not being able to make a shift even when it is in our best interest to. We are a society rooted in deep tradition that has been built on lies and deception, yet we continue to practice those traditions irregardless if it is false.
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